Airwrap 4 Sided Cot Bumper Chocolate

Airwrap 4 Sided Cot Bumper Chocolate SALE
Airwrap 4 Sided Cot Bumper Chocolate SALE


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he Airwrap Mesh is one of Australia's most trusted and popular nursery bedding items and it's easy to see why; the breathable mesh fabric allows maximum airflow to regulate your baby's temperature whilst protecting them from knocks and getting arms and legs tangled in the framework of the cot. The mesh is made from a collapsible fabric that ensures your baby can't use it as leverage to climb out of the cot, which then springs back straight away when no weight is on it. To attach to the cot, it uses velcro that can be cleverly hidden out of baby's sight and has no extraneous ties. The material is 100% polyester and can be cold washed on a gentle cycle in your washing machine or cold hand washed to keep it clean. This bumper is adjustable to most cots and cribs and is free from ties and knots that children can sometimes injure themselves on. it features corner vents and tucks below the mattress level for a bit of extra protection. Please see the product videos tab for fitting instructions. The Airwrap mesh is available as a 2 sided set for the longer sides of the cot, or as a 4 sided set for all round protection, in a variety of styles.